Thursday, June 24, 2004


Well there is a site about the Meatmen, which doesn't look official. Was thinking of sending a link to it. Not that I was a huge fan of Tesco Vee, although I admired how he pissed people off, etc.

Of course I actually knew his cousin in college, who's name was Dan. Of course he disappeared just like Tesco did, only in his case to his native Germany, and not as a teacher but doing landscaping work (which was his main work when I knew him...) Yes it's ironic that for all of Tesco's supposed hatred of foreigners he was actually an immigrant(!)

Well Dan was a huge fan of punk rock, which was why I hung out w/ him mostly... When I first met him he was wearing a Velvet Underground shirt, so I just had to talk to him really. He was like a walking encyclopedia of rock music -- did some retrospective shows on a station called WBER and would share unbelievable insights such as how the Sex Pistols ripped off a bass lick from the Jam, etc.

If anyone has the Stud Powercock CD retrospective from long ago there was an early demo version of "Orgy Of One" Tesco does a dead-on imitation of Dan, right down to his self-depreciating sarcasm and how his voice would get high when he emphasized something. "And you want to FUCK 'em, but they don't want to FUCK, so..." I have my own tribute to Dan on my first album -- took an old record of German choral music, distorted it and put drone-synth on top. I imagine Dan would prefer it to have a fast 4/4 beat knowing him!

Anyways, does anyone know how I can contact Dan Lisson? Drop me a line at

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Why did Joey have to die first?

Pity about Johnny Ramone. We've plenty to thank him for. Up until 1988 or so everyone outside NYC hated them, even fellow punk-rockers. I never saw them until '88 at a sold-out show just as they suddenly became popular, which was no big deal really. Before every time they'd come to town people would throw bottles at them. I remember my driver's ed teacher was in a band (The Resisters I think) and had to open for the Ramones, which he hated and the audience did too from what he told me. I remember my high school classmates that went to see Billy Idol in '83 or '84 (which I did not see) saw the Ramones open up and said the crowd hated them as well and were totally heckled throughout their set. Supposedly Billy came up afterwards and sneered how lame it was they didn't give that 'claasic' band more respect. Really...

I don't think there will be anyone at the funeral except all of Johnny's friends at the 'conservative' punk movement, Vincent Gallo (Johnny is probably his only friend besides those stupid Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Rev. Sun Yung Moon.

Saturday, June 12, 2004


"Seeing Reagan's funeral on TV I couldn't help noticing all the women dressed as two dollar whores."

--- from unnamed internet forum

That was for Mark Solotroff 'cos he said my stuff about Reagan was tedious. Ha!

Anyhoo, I might be opening for his current band Bloodyminded as they plan to stop in Rochester on tour. That came about when John Schoen asked me how to contact them. I hadn't corresponded w/ Mark for yrs and it took a Yahoo search to find his e-mail address... John hadn't contacted him yet -- had been busy setting up other shows including To Live And Shave In LA which I will probably also do an opener -- but Mark put out an e-mail message w/ links to my site and also Pengo's (yay!)

Seeing Pengo's list of past shows there are quite a few I wish I saw (like when Finkbeiner vomited over the audience...) I remember the famous give-away of garbage, the newspaper "info-age" piece that annoyed the Bug Jar, the endless loop of "Another One Bites The Dust" (the best show IMO!) and the phony show I had a bit part where I was in charge of opening the beer bottles they were throwing around behind the screen. (My 15 minutes of Pengo fame!) Don't forget John Schoen on TV pre-Pengo at the Bug Jar outdoor fest saying "Look, we found Kali!" (Kali Ann Poulten in case you don't know...)

Thursday, June 10, 2004


OK in the wake of the whole Iraq fiasco maybe i've been sounded like a Bush-hater. But of course I can't see anything about him to like, and it hath nothing to do with pablum-puking or x-tian 'morality'.

Seems that today it hath been revealed that Kerry hath gained poll-wise and Bush's popularity is down. I wouldn't jump for joy as I'm already reading news-ops to the effect that Kerry is just like Bush except he thinks he can do a better job. Besides that he is essentially a Skull and Bones colleague of Bush and thus not credible anyway you look at it.

But what it comes down to, I think, is that some hath realised Bush is not the moral guardian of 'freedom' he seems. But what exactly did the American public expect, really? Running a country is not a moral job. War is not essentially moral either.

Like the torture in Iraq forinstance. It was already clear to many that the US security forces were training foreign armies to torture. You may not like that, but did it take just the past months for people to realise this? Although it's stoopid to assume that torture is necessary to obtain intelligence, since nothing of any substance hath ever been gained via this, and any intelligence official will tell you this if you ask.

I have since last yr been corresponding to a man who served in the British Army in Kenya and his job was to torture prisoners. His line was that it wasn't for intelligence purposes but half an expression of power and half out of indulgence. Afterwards he hung around the leather/heavy-S&M scene...

Why am I a Bush hater? Do I really think he is unjust? I doubt that... Concerning my love/hate sexual obsession w/ authority. As Gang Of Four said, "I Love A Man In A Uniform". I do. I get off on uniforms and gloves especially and I might as well admit that.

I just hate the herd-mentality and stoopidity of those who blindly follow leaders. It disgusts me how they worship the Bushes and Reagan as gods.


Well after a LONG DELAY I can post about Selfish, Little -- the new book by Peter Sotos in five yrs.

Managed to finish it the day I got it in the mail. For me Sotos' writing is so involving I can't put it down once I start. This could be the best of his work so far, and one that seems to have a bit of finality about it -- as could this be the last one, perhaps? (Any upcoming book of his I will definitely look forward to no matter what it is about...)

Maybe I'm seeing some finality about this latest work because this time Peter seems to dispel the myths surrounding him the past two decades. And he describes his obsessions much more vividly to the point of self-examination.

Again, for more info: This is a limited edition signed silk-screened hardcover and the price is a whopping $60, but worth every penny if you can stomach it.

Sunday, June 06, 2004


I can see it now. All the great-unwashed from the trailer parks will go to Reagan's funeral like they're on a pilgrimage to Graceland. And Johnny Ramone will be there in his disgusting "Kill A Commie For Mommy" shirt getting piss-drunk and crying. I'll bet he doen't know all those right-wingers are closet collectivist commies! After all Skull And Bones supported Soviet Russia, Red China and Nazi Germany.

And that greasy, stinky poseur Vincent Gallo will be there w/ his enterage of ugly goth girls! Ugh

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Ronald Reagan

Good fucking riddance! If most citizens in this country weren't so gullible, he wouldn't have been president...

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Noticed some scumbag's SUV had all sorts of loony-right pro-Rush Limbaugh stickers on the bumper, and I happened to have some Goofer's Dust (Voodoo cursing powder) in the pocket of my fatigues so I sprinkled some of it in front of the driver's side door. Really hope something extremely nasty happens to him.

I ain't a "left-winger" or anything -- not someone on the right either, I just hate politics. But if I hate anyone it's these so-called 'conservatives' or whatever those scum are who seem to insult everyone they don't agree with. And they're responsible for that human flotsam who is supposedly 'our' president. And responsible for the disgusting rise of Ann Coulter and Michael Savage. I really think that -- maybe touchy liberals don't think so -- that such vermen do not deserve to live and should be taken to the wall and shot! These people really don't serve any real purpose on this earth at all. They talk to much, they never stop talking and are extremely rude, much less pleasant to deal with...