Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Noticed some scumbag's SUV had all sorts of loony-right pro-Rush Limbaugh stickers on the bumper, and I happened to have some Goofer's Dust (Voodoo cursing powder) in the pocket of my fatigues so I sprinkled some of it in front of the driver's side door. Really hope something extremely nasty happens to him.

I ain't a "left-winger" or anything -- not someone on the right either, I just hate politics. But if I hate anyone it's these so-called 'conservatives' or whatever those scum are who seem to insult everyone they don't agree with. And they're responsible for that human flotsam who is supposedly 'our' president. And responsible for the disgusting rise of Ann Coulter and Michael Savage. I really think that -- maybe touchy liberals don't think so -- that such vermen do not deserve to live and should be taken to the wall and shot! These people really don't serve any real purpose on this earth at all. They talk to much, they never stop talking and are extremely rude, much less pleasant to deal with...


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