Thursday, May 27, 2004


Just sent an order for the new Peter Sotos book Fred West mentioned... I used to correspond w/ Sotos back when he was putting out Parasite. I had heard alot about Pure and his arrest regarding that, and the Manson-like hysteria/contov afterward. I remembered the interview in the first Apocalypse Culture and Buyer's Market as well and then Mark Solotroff wrote to me about a new project of Sotos. So I got a sample copy and was floored by the very level of Pete's writing -- much better than I expected!

I didn't meet up w/ Sotos when I saw Brighter Death Now and Slogun in Chicago though... Someone mistaked me for him actually(!) Must've been the beard I had at the time, which I shaved-off since last winter.

While I was there I did find the location of the Bijou, but was too tired to go inside. Too bad since a pretty-boy put the make on me there!


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