Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Might as well just start with a discography so-far concerning Foot And Mouth Disease...

Annunciator cass. 1997 (deleted)
Truculance CDr 2003
Minimal Man Tribute CDr-single 2004
...but what ends when the symbols become schtick? CDr 2004
Santa Muerte CDr 2004

Two Sicilies 2xCDr
and a special prank CDr featuring a lousy 'industrial' tape sent by an anarchy-punk retard circa 1990.

Check out the blog of another noise artist who inspired this:

Forgot that I have a track on a music forum -- www.noiseweb.net I believe. Anyways it's connected to Julian Cope's site -- www.headheritage.co.uk. (If I had the noiseweb address wrong you might find it via there -- Squid Tempest regularily posts about new arrivals, and I made Noise Of The Month for May...) No it's not hippy music I do, it's purely anti-social noise-electronics!

Well I'm tired, but I'll mention the Yellow Swans, who I saw open up for punk-rock has-beens DOA and the Dickies. This is a noise band, and they were mucho better than anyone else at that show. They hath two records: Live At The Police State Capital one-sided LP and a collaboration 7" w/ John Wiese of Bastard Noise. Former has anti-Bush liner notes -- which is fitting since 'our' pres has nothing I find admirable (although Kerry is not much better.) The 7" has a free CD sampler also featuring the same ep tracks as they were unhappy w/ the mastering... www.jyrk.com and home.earthlink.net/~johnwiese

I'm too tired to say more and it would take too much space for a biog, but I'm sure you'll find out more in future postings.



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