Saturday, October 22, 2005

Horizontal Action -- why I left punk.

I was enticed by the interviews with the Pagans and Nervous Eaters, not by the testicles close up. Turns out both interviews were unreadable.

The ironic thing about this yet-another-punkzine is it's the kind that tries to bring porn and t-'n-a into it, like Darla except I think they would've drawn more people if Horizontal Action had another of Darla's 50s-style harlots on their cover instead of testicles...

But I have to think of this as a metaphor of the fact that punk rock is no longer shocking or exciting. On the one hand you still have barely listenable second-string punk with lip service to Anarchy and leftist concerns. On the other bands playing second-string punk and garage-rock sticking to traditional punk or (ho-hum) 'roots', sneering at politics and lately veering towards the right. I've talked about ConPunk before, but I might as well state that that sickening movement is more of a symptom of decline in the punk 'scene', maan! Rather than a cause...

Going back to Horizontal Action, the mag is boring and not particularily sexy. I've already lost interest in rock-music and people writing about it. Maybe I picked this up because I didn't think anyone wrote about the Pagans or Nervous Eaters. That didn't make it readable. And the sex part of it is lowest-common-denonimator white-trash titty-bar crap anyways!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

If you're gonna go out...

Go out with a bang!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Those wacky "Warriors"!

Makes me glad my life isn't as miserable as life-hating Kfir Alfia is. Where do you see yourself in five years Kfir?

np Siglo XX Antler Tracks I and II. Whatever happened to them?