Thursday, May 27, 2004


You can get the new Sotos book from


The Sotos book is available from


Just sent an order for the new Peter Sotos book Fred West mentioned... I used to correspond w/ Sotos back when he was putting out Parasite. I had heard alot about Pure and his arrest regarding that, and the Manson-like hysteria/contov afterward. I remembered the interview in the first Apocalypse Culture and Buyer's Market as well and then Mark Solotroff wrote to me about a new project of Sotos. So I got a sample copy and was floored by the very level of Pete's writing -- much better than I expected!

I didn't meet up w/ Sotos when I saw Brighter Death Now and Slogun in Chicago though... Someone mistaked me for him actually(!) Must've been the beard I had at the time, which I shaved-off since last winter.

While I was there I did find the location of the Bijou, but was too tired to go inside. Too bad since a pretty-boy put the make on me there!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Might as well mention how you can get my CDrs...

They are available from Carbon Records, the site being Have a wide assortment of experimental and noise recordings, some by local groups I recommend such as Coffee, Pengo and Hilkka who I opened for last show. Definitely get Hilkka's most recent CD featuring rare early live and demo recordings, if yr a fan of Big Black, Flipper and the Brainbombs...

The first two are also available from Chaotic Order at 15 Digby Close, Doddington Park, Lincoln, LN6 3PZ, United Kingdom. Haven't sent the guy the more recent two -- he's still sorting out his e-mail and probably setting his new account. Chaotic Order is also an excellent magazine.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Might as well just start with a discography so-far concerning Foot And Mouth Disease...

Annunciator cass. 1997 (deleted)
Truculance CDr 2003
Minimal Man Tribute CDr-single 2004
...but what ends when the symbols become schtick? CDr 2004
Santa Muerte CDr 2004

Two Sicilies 2xCDr
and a special prank CDr featuring a lousy 'industrial' tape sent by an anarchy-punk retard circa 1990.

Check out the blog of another noise artist who inspired this:

Forgot that I have a track on a music forum -- I believe. Anyways it's connected to Julian Cope's site -- (If I had the noiseweb address wrong you might find it via there -- Squid Tempest regularily posts about new arrivals, and I made Noise Of The Month for May...) No it's not hippy music I do, it's purely anti-social noise-electronics!

Well I'm tired, but I'll mention the Yellow Swans, who I saw open up for punk-rock has-beens DOA and the Dickies. This is a noise band, and they were mucho better than anyone else at that show. They hath two records: Live At The Police State Capital one-sided LP and a collaboration 7" w/ John Wiese of Bastard Noise. Former has anti-Bush liner notes -- which is fitting since 'our' pres has nothing I find admirable (although Kerry is not much better.) The 7" has a free CD sampler also featuring the same ep tracks as they were unhappy w/ the mastering... and

I'm too tired to say more and it would take too much space for a biog, but I'm sure you'll find out more in future postings.