Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Made a Monster by the Undead

Well what more have I got to say bout Bobby Steele? Ex-Misfits guitarist, erstwhile "Conservative Punk" but also having the distinction of being a really nice guy who managed to overcome disabilities from getting Spina Bifida (I think it was...) The sad thing is conservative politics aren't really welcome in the punk scene to the point where a record label in Germany is now standing in the way of the Undead touring there. (Shame! Not to mention unfair...) Of course my point is that every band should say what they want even if it's neo-nazi stuff -- as much as I diagreed with the noise act Brethren I have to say their album Savage Inequalities is still one of the best recent Industrial music works. Bt I digress...

The new record is called "I Made a Monster" and I dunno what it's about -- maybe a look back at the past? Anyways you can get it on glow-in-the-dark vinyl and comes in a sleeve modelled after the classic Al Jaffe fold-up back covers from Mad Magazine. The music is straight-ahead punk rock, not quite as cheesy and some of that retrogressive punk/garage still floating around these days... But me being a Misfits fan (and who isn't?) I have to like this.

Get it from Oh yeah, forgot to mention for all you Satanic droogies out there famed writer Warlock Gausten plays drums on the 7", so buy or die!


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