Thursday, June 04, 2009

Boycott Rockstar Energy Drink

There I said it, if Michael Savage Weiner doesn't like it he can shove it.

You know the reasons why you should have Michael Savage and his crummy family. Just do a google search for Boycott Rockstar. But not the least of which Rockstar is attempting and threatening to sue the gay rights orgs behind the boycotts -- I think that's a good reason there. Obviously the Weiners are against free speech!

But also a good reason is because Savage is a skanky 'ex'-hippie loser who doesn't bathe and looks like a warthog! He looks like someone I'll bet smells bad, and hawks his snake oil herbal shite... Would you have an energy drink from this man? The same dipshit who thinks cocaine addicts can be cured by putting coffee up their asses!


Blogger Simon said...

As well as the heinous politics behind it it's worth mentioning that as far as these drinks go, it's a hugely inferior imitator of Relentless (which shamefully I am addicted to) - Joe Chip

7:19 AM  

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