Thursday, June 10, 2004


Well after a LONG DELAY I can post about Selfish, Little -- the new book by Peter Sotos in five yrs.

Managed to finish it the day I got it in the mail. For me Sotos' writing is so involving I can't put it down once I start. This could be the best of his work so far, and one that seems to have a bit of finality about it -- as could this be the last one, perhaps? (Any upcoming book of his I will definitely look forward to no matter what it is about...)

Maybe I'm seeing some finality about this latest work because this time Peter seems to dispel the myths surrounding him the past two decades. And he describes his obsessions much more vividly to the point of self-examination.

Again, for more info: This is a limited edition signed silk-screened hardcover and the price is a whopping $60, but worth every penny if you can stomach it.


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