Thursday, June 10, 2004


OK in the wake of the whole Iraq fiasco maybe i've been sounded like a Bush-hater. But of course I can't see anything about him to like, and it hath nothing to do with pablum-puking or x-tian 'morality'.

Seems that today it hath been revealed that Kerry hath gained poll-wise and Bush's popularity is down. I wouldn't jump for joy as I'm already reading news-ops to the effect that Kerry is just like Bush except he thinks he can do a better job. Besides that he is essentially a Skull and Bones colleague of Bush and thus not credible anyway you look at it.

But what it comes down to, I think, is that some hath realised Bush is not the moral guardian of 'freedom' he seems. But what exactly did the American public expect, really? Running a country is not a moral job. War is not essentially moral either.

Like the torture in Iraq forinstance. It was already clear to many that the US security forces were training foreign armies to torture. You may not like that, but did it take just the past months for people to realise this? Although it's stoopid to assume that torture is necessary to obtain intelligence, since nothing of any substance hath ever been gained via this, and any intelligence official will tell you this if you ask.

I have since last yr been corresponding to a man who served in the British Army in Kenya and his job was to torture prisoners. His line was that it wasn't for intelligence purposes but half an expression of power and half out of indulgence. Afterwards he hung around the leather/heavy-S&M scene...

Why am I a Bush hater? Do I really think he is unjust? I doubt that... Concerning my love/hate sexual obsession w/ authority. As Gang Of Four said, "I Love A Man In A Uniform". I do. I get off on uniforms and gloves especially and I might as well admit that.

I just hate the herd-mentality and stoopidity of those who blindly follow leaders. It disgusts me how they worship the Bushes and Reagan as gods.


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