Thursday, June 24, 2004


Well there is a site about the Meatmen, which doesn't look official. Was thinking of sending a link to it. Not that I was a huge fan of Tesco Vee, although I admired how he pissed people off, etc.

Of course I actually knew his cousin in college, who's name was Dan. Of course he disappeared just like Tesco did, only in his case to his native Germany, and not as a teacher but doing landscaping work (which was his main work when I knew him...) Yes it's ironic that for all of Tesco's supposed hatred of foreigners he was actually an immigrant(!)

Well Dan was a huge fan of punk rock, which was why I hung out w/ him mostly... When I first met him he was wearing a Velvet Underground shirt, so I just had to talk to him really. He was like a walking encyclopedia of rock music -- did some retrospective shows on a station called WBER and would share unbelievable insights such as how the Sex Pistols ripped off a bass lick from the Jam, etc.

If anyone has the Stud Powercock CD retrospective from long ago there was an early demo version of "Orgy Of One" Tesco does a dead-on imitation of Dan, right down to his self-depreciating sarcasm and how his voice would get high when he emphasized something. "And you want to FUCK 'em, but they don't want to FUCK, so..." I have my own tribute to Dan on my first album -- took an old record of German choral music, distorted it and put drone-synth on top. I imagine Dan would prefer it to have a fast 4/4 beat knowing him!

Anyways, does anyone know how I can contact Dan Lisson? Drop me a line at


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