Tuesday, August 02, 2005

There, Rat

You'll find that phrase on the copyright page of Peter Sotos' Comfort And Critique. (And I think I remember it being in Selfish, Little as well...) Well I might as well get into reviewing this (which I went through as obsessively as all his past work.)

First I might wanna mention of a recent mammoth compilation of Sotos' last five big books called Proxy, published by Creation Books. Including Tool which was originally printed, along with his writings in Pure and Parasite, in Total Abuse, published by the infamous Jim Goad (of course!) Limited editions contain a free CD of Sotos' usual audio-collages and readings from his works including the as-yet-unpublished Playground Sex, and also him talking about why he started writing in the first place (which is quite illuminating.)

But onto Comfort And Critique! You know this is gonna be intense by looking at the anguished couple on the cover. And photos tacked at-the-end looking like a modern-day Wisconsin Death Trip filtered through Warhol. This time Sotos doesn't spend alot of time talking about glory-holes, but focuses on yet another grisly murder case, and this time focuses on the hysteria and media coverage (a bit more than usual.) Maybe this is a bit restrained compared to his usual, but it still works and can still make one rather uncomfortable. Only for people who can't handle real life, mind!

Pretty much leading to Death Scenes II (originally III back in VCR days...) From Feral House and similarily disturbing. That volume focusing more on massacres in foreign lands (showing truths they don't tell you in school or on the news). But also featuring a short interview by the late great Anton LaVey, founder of the Church Of Satan. The big jewel of this piece where he proclaims he insists on being joyful in a willfully miserable world.

And he is right. And maybe indeed that's what Sotos himself says too (whether what he's into is wrong or not.)

Y'know recently there was this miserable troll on Head Heritage who sent a loony-right message complaining 'Communists' were 'Anti-Semites'. (http://www.headheritage.co.uk/headtohead/?forum=uknow)
Funny that he was a big Julian Cope fan and previously posted about how he identified with Captain Beefheart's "Dachau Blues". Actually (if you see it) I was quite furious, seeing how hate-groups like Protest Warrior have hijacked sites like this in the past. But y'know? Thinking about this for awile and remembering what Herr Doktor said, I just had to regain my sense of humor. It wasn't the end of the world that that vile Ken-doll got four-more-years, was it? And that troll, well he wasn't even born when the Holocaust happened anyways. All those rednecks got four-more-years of hate-lust. Why aren't they happy?

Those who aren't busy living are busy dying. And a Jew said that!

There, Rat.


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