Thursday, July 28, 2005

Looks like my blog is still up!

The reason why I haven't posted in a year is due to a fight I had at Head Heritage last year concerning the Iraqi war. Making me lose confidence that I have anything to say. Of course it looks as though Bush's 'big win' is his undoing. And Kerry probably thinks he's lucky!

Anyways I thought of resurrecting this blog after seeing a crackin' book reading by Peter Sotos at the National Arts Club, which I will write about in the next post. Originally was thinking of getting an ordinary web-site as my box-set World War IV is reaching fruitation and Joe Tunis is getting weighed-down with his stock apparently...

By the way I got the name from Paul McCarthy, infamous performance and visual artist taking the 'mundane' and the 'acceptable' and revealing it all to be perverse and depraved. Which is what I'm doing with Foot And Mouth Disease. Since that's how I see the world. And it's not likely to change...


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