Saturday, July 31, 2004


Well, lately I'm been angry at how ugly politics are getting. Thevery last straw are these Porotest Warriors -- a loony right-wing organisation w/ a fucked agenda to disrupt peace protests(!) They plan to assalt the anti-Bush crowds at the RNC. I have to say this is pretty retarded, as now that security for Bush is tight Protest Warrior seems like an open target. Frankly I doubt anyone who matters would care if those goons get their asses kicked really...

And they seem to be inviting trouble as they are calling all those left-of-center Nazis(!) It used to be they were branded Commies and faggots -- one slimebag 'warrior' told a story of a peace protester and a Nazi skin shaking hands (which no doubt is a total lie!) I hope they know real Nazis might take advantage over the frustration and fear that Bush has caused and we could see another Hitler and Holocaust, this time here in America. Frankly I'd hate to see something like that happening, but I'm sure Bush would be to blame if it does! "Who makes the Nazis?", as Mark E. Smith once said... ( I wonder also if Protest Warrior and Conservative Punk have connections w/ the Center For A New Community and their witch-hunt against Pagans and homosexuals...)

If I just want a world away from McCarthyist kooks like Protest Warrior, THEN I'm a Nazi!

Well I can always take my agression on another blank CDr. About the only thing you can do... Incidently on the Head Heritage site some clever poster had the idea of voting for Bush to bring down the government. After all Kerry is just a more intelligent corporate fascist and he'll just make the police state last longer...


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