Friday, August 13, 2004


Just had to remark on the UNPOPART movement, who have an excellent site if I say so.

Pretty much w/ the same kind of pranksterism you expect from Adam Parfrey and Boyd Rice. And still designed to shock all the moralistic so-called 'liberals', and the 'anti-fascists' who are just intolerant reactionary loonies themselves. Dare I say the picture of the soap w/ a swastika and the word 'apology' is a great answer to all the ridiculous accusations these artists get.

And to explain exactly how I mean todays supposed 'anti-fascists' are reactionary, just look at A reactionary conservative think-tank that attack peace protesters and anarchists -- and not just calling them 'commie-faggots' but Nazis. Exactly what these crackpots are aiming at I would not know. Of course I've already talked about them last posting... Of course Cletis Nelson recently wrote about how the Coalition For Human Dignity tried to disrupt an anarchy protest, calling them Nazis -- but the CHD's real agenda is protecting ugly capitalism obviously...

Of course my own mission w/ Foot And Mouth Disease -- similar to UNPOPART? I couldn't say. I was more inspired by the Cultural Terrorism genre started by the Grey Wolves really, but maybe it's a bit borderline... I've haven't done much as far as Nazi imagery, which is just pretty-much generic shock-value now. Well of course there was my cover for ...but what ends when the symbols become schtick? -- pretty much satirising Death In June's 'gay-Nazi' Image. Of course I did that mostly because of the recent Stewart Home piece which made me embarrased at the time. I'm pretty much over it by now, but I had to put it out anyways -- just that I hated to see Douglas P. turn himself into a commodity fetish as Home said...

Oh yeah, I wonder if my last release counts as UNPOPART. Have not publicised it as yet, but it was a demo some idiot 'anarchy punk' from Greece (who must not have been more than ten) sent me, purporting to be 'industrial'. Entitled "Urban Noise -- Don't Kill Animals", just a recording of vacuum cleaners and other household appliances w/ garbled crusty-punk/death-metal vocals and politically peurile lyrics that would've been laughed off of the MRR review section. This was sent to me in 1991 and I'm pretty sure the guy who put this out is an accountant now! Of course today punk-rock is less about anarchy or Marxism and more about 'conservativism' -- now merely careerists playing recycled Ramones riffs to get the kids to re-elect Bush apparently. And so-called underground hipsters like Vincent Gallo who also have their pro-Bush agenda.

But I'm not looking back at that demo as nostalgia -- shit like that is the reason punk and humanitarian politics died, essentially. But I should say that the real underground -- noise -- is still underground and still vital. How many 'industrial' groups -- even if it's dance -- have spouted pro-capitalist/McCarthyist agendas? It's still very radical, political or not, w/ a wide pallet of views from both the extreme left and right. But at least having nothing to do w/ Rush Limbaugh!


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