Thursday, July 28, 2005


Yet my fourth trip to NYC and to see Peter Sotos read from his new book and a short film he made. Sounding very much like my drinking buddy Randy Christ (telling him that he asked "handsome and a big dick?"), Sotos tended to be over-excited in his reading on a hot day and often had to repeat passages. His film "Waitress" was what I came to see, expecting something like the video version of Pure mentioned in Pure #2 (reprinted in Total Abuse of course.) More like the video version of his "Buyer's Market" recordings plus some footage he probably shot himself. Mostly of straight oral-sex booths and one humorous glory-hole scene where the erect-prick slips out of the hole. Of course which is thought-provoking in itself... And scenes of ugly homeless men masturbating to newspaper clippings -- about as risque as it gets here. Most disturbing moment is actually seeing the infamous armless rape-victim I forgot the name of, but whose case was oft written about by Sotos... As unpleasant I myself found it I was glad I saw it, not that I was a sadist or in that sense anyways. As I left I talked to one woman about how I thought Sotos merely wrote about the things in peoples heads and things in the world most people don't like to think about. I never really got DAF De Sade, for example. More of a rebel than a writer, and his dirty fantasies poorly written at best. And can anyone remember that travesty of an adult comic book that was Boneyard Press' Rough Trade?

I did get to talk to Sotos and mentioned I wrote to him back in Parasite days. He had me mixed-up with a teenaged sicko who sent Sotos porn pictures of his battered self (mentioned in Selfish, Little), thus causing Sotos to close Parasite and avoid using the mail for communications purposes. Actually I was just a twenty-something faggot who wrote to Sotos about my ex-lover, who lost a girl-friend to Arthur Shawcross. He DID indeed write about me, but was in Parasite -- something about "you are in bed with that Vietnam Vet you met at the bar, and he's glad it's all over..."

Oh yeah, the ride back to Rochester NY was interesting. Took the wrong exit and wound-up in a near-deserted highway at night. Cool way to end the experience...


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