Saturday, September 03, 2005

RAT warning.

Someone made a comment about my There, Rat posting with a link that looks pretty suspect and infected with a trojan. Just warning those who might be viewing my site.

If the dipshit didn't like what I printed, why didn't he have the guts to say so? Pretty sleazy way to make your point...


Blogger Blogging Blogging Queen said...

You have a knack for
writing. I read about 20
blogs a day, and skim about
30 more, so I mean it! We
can all use improvement, but
you certainly are better than
most I've read.

I'm going to be starting a blog
soon, about keyword bidding
(I know, it sounds strange!) but
if you don't mind, I might drop
you a line just to get a little advice.

Thanks kindly.

One Crazy Blog Addict...!
Dave, King of All Keywords

2:37 PM  
Blogger LJP said...

Thanks! Better than being given a trojan from someone who obviously didn't like what I said. (But then I must be doing something right...)

1:28 PM  

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