Monday, May 08, 2006

The BS continues

At least she's conceding the right may not be around anymore. Michelle, you've had your fun for the last 6 yrs. You were hoping the left, anarchists and people like myself would drop dead. Quid pro quo, mon!

Mary Cheney. Like Gay Patriot, giving gays and lesbians a bad name! Just because they're gay doesn't mean they're your friends... If you saw the link below even Fred Phelps' offspring are positively charming next to that dipshit Sean Hannity. Hannity doesn't care about us anyways, only for his supposedly 'herotic' soldiers.

Mind you anti-gay hate stinks, but at least Fred Phelps believes in something called the Constitution. So he thinks I'm conspired to hell, I'd rather it was he gloating on my grave than Protest Warrior.