Saturday, April 15, 2006

Don't forget the Lysol! Gallo is back...

Somewhere here:

The most disgusting person in both the entertainment and 'art' scenes today. Or, dare I say, the most disgusting person infiltrating them.

First heard about Vincent Gallo on the cover of a magazine that didn't like him for good reason. Looked like a really ugly hippie-yuppie-junky-muso complete with a "my music is better than yours" sneer, the kind I've always used to see around the Rochester NY music scene. (And he's apparently from Buffalo.) Any band they were in played unlistenable bar-band crap! And inside he admitted to being an obnoxious, evil Republican commie-basher. Another minus... And his so-called 'avant-garde' music was just Emo-crap trying to be Jandek but instead, sounding just like a cruddy hippie/muso bar-band. (Hip hip hooray!)

What disgusts me is how a small amount of people love him, especially (and incongruently) left-wingers who apparently greatly lack the dignity not to hang with wannabee-junkies who don't bathe. I assume all his redneck Bush-loving friends smell pretty bad too!

Here's another muso I hate: Billy Zoom! From a band I used to like called X, and Zoom wasn't even why I ever liked them in the first place. The Eric Crapton of punk -- more hippy than he makes himself out to be, arrogantly sticking to 'roots' but lacking the soul blues/R&B/rockabilly ever even had. Plays with a shit-eating grin on his face constantly, like he's the best guitarist in the world. And a 'ConPunk', not exactly the cherry on an already stale cake...

If Zoom resembles anyone it's this guy, who had himself (if you scroll the link down) formed a disgraceful "rockabilly" side-band offensively called the Klansmen: