Monday, April 10, 2006

Protest Warrior 'victory',,1750916,00.html?gusrc=rss

I'm sure they jump-for-joy over state-terror such as that. They shoot first, ask questions later, and get away with it while they paint both Palestinians and peace-protestors as 'terrorists'. Seems you never win with a bigot, especially not extreme-Zionist ones.

So I'll bet I'll get yet more attacks by smug-assed, pseudo-intellectual Neo-Con-Jobs so in love with their own twaddle. Even while David Horowitz links himself to outright Nazis like Jared "Paved With Good Intentions" Taylor for one. Let's just say I'm definitely against anti-Semitism but it's about time we start telling Horowitz et al that not all Jews are above criticism.

Incidently, changing the subject slightly, I found a new punk magazine called Loud Fast Rules. I was kinda disappointed that the Pork Dukes piece was just pictures and no text, but it did have some good articles. I do admit I wince at any new 'punk' mag as now I'm expecting it to be ConPunk or about ConPunk. There's little about such bands here luckily, not even those unfathomable neanderthals AntiSeen. (Good!)

However, something has to be said about what Jello Biafra says in that magazine. He's under the erroneous impression that we can change so-called 'conservatives' by talking to them. Maybe Jello should try to post on the highly unpleasant ProtestWarrior forum. I'm sure he won't get very far there!