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Details of Sexual Perversion At Detention Centres More Serious
Than Media Reports; Pentagon In Possession Of Videos Of Boys Being
Sodomised And Detainee Statement Verifies This Fact.

Although lower level military are taking the rap for Abu
Ghraib abuse, critics contend Rumsfeld authorized the rape of
Iraqi children.
27 Jan 2006
By Greg Szymanski

Although the U.S. government is in possession of video tapes of
boys being sodomised at Abu Ghraib and other detention centers,
the evidence and public clamor to end the torture and killing has
done little to change the mindset of the Bush administration.

Lawyers for President Bush, including U.S. Attorney Gen. Alberto
Gonzales, have tried to neatly package and justify skirting
international law regarding the illegal detention of prisoners.

But when it comes to torture, sexual perversion and murder while
holding prisoners captive, it would seem obvious there is no legal

But not according to a team of Bush's crooked lawyers who
concluded in a legal memorandum that President Bush was not bound
by either an international treaty prohibiting torture or by a
federal anti-torture law because he had the authority as commander
in chief to approve any technique needed to protect the nation's

Besides this bogus legal finding, the administration has also
taken the untenable position, according to legal observers, the
reported acts of torture and sexual abuse at Abu Ghraib and other
detention centres are only isolated incidents of abuse, not
officially military policy handed down from Secretary of Defence,
Donald Rumsfeld.

However, critics contend the mounting number of abuse cases and
evidence compiled is more than just coincidence or isolated acts
of aggression, but indicate an official policy handed down from
top to bottom.

Human rights groups, international legal observers and journalists
contend Rumsfeld and top Pentagon brass have personally ordered
the "torture policy," including authorizing the rape of Iraqi
children in prisons in order to humiliate their parents into
providing information about the so-called anti-American

If there were only several cases of abuse, the Bush
administration's point should be considered. But when the cases of
abuse are widespread, then something definitely stinks inside the

Take for example journalist Seymour Hersh's quote to the ACLU in
2004 after calling attention to the numerous torture videotapes
kept secret by the "The worst is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking," said
Hersh. "There is a massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was
covered up at the highest command out there, and higher."

Next listen to the words of Ed Cone, an observer of the military
abuse, as he summarises evidence uncovered, indicating widespread
torture and sexual abuse:

"Some of the worse that happened you still don't know about. There
are women there and some of you may have read they were passing
letters, communications out to their men. This is at Abu Ghraib
which is 30 miles from Baghdad.

"The women were passing messages saying 'Please come and kill me,
because of what's happened'. Basically what happened is that those
women who were arrested with young boys/children in cases that
have been recorded. The boys were sodomised with the cameras
rolling. The worst about all of them is the soundtrack of the boys
shrieking that your government has… They are in total terror it's
going to come out."

And the next shocking piece of "torture evidence" is a clear
example of just how bad conditions still are at Abu Ghraib and how
the abuse complaints are more than just isolated incidents.

It should be noted American jurists and the U.S. legal system has
done little or nothing to bring Bush and his cronies to justice
for obvious violations of international law, leaving the
international community stunned by this lack of humanitarian

The following are portions of a translation of a sworn statement
made by Abu Ghraib detainee Kasim Mehaddi Hilas, detainee No.
15551108, revealing just how deep and widespread the torture
policies had become. The Hilas statement was also used against
Spc. Charles Grainer for an August 2004 Article 39a hearing

The details of the Hilas statement have been watered down by the
mainstream media as the acts committed against detainees are far
more perverse than just leading them around on a dog leash, as
previously reported. After listening, it's also hard to believe Spc.
Grainer's acts were a so-called isolated incident, as the Pentagon
insists, since the torture and abuse, according to Hilas, seemed
to encompass every area of the detention centre he witnessed.

Here is his statement:

"In the name of God, I swear that everything I witnesses,
everything I witnesses and everything I am talking about is the
truth and I am not saying this to gain any material thing and I
was not pressured to do this by any forces.

"First, I am going to talk about what happened to me at Abu Ghraib
jail. I will not talk about when I was in jail before…but it was
very bad.

"They stripped me of all my clothes, even my underwear. They gave
me women's underwear, that were rose-colored with flowers in it
and they put a bag over my face. One of them whispered in my
ear, "today I am going to f… you.

"When they took me to the cell, the translator, Abu Hamid, came
with an American soldier, his rank was sergeant. And he called me
a "faggot" because I was wearing women's underwear…

"The transfer from Camp B to isolation was full of beatings, but
the bags were over our heads, so we couldn't see their faces. And
they forced me to wear this underwear all the time - for 51 days -
and most days I was wearing nothing else.

"I faced more harsh punishment and had my hands cuffed with irons
behind my back to the metal of the window, to the point where my
feet were off the ground and I was hanging there for about 5 hours…
And then they took off all my clothes and they took the female
underwear and put it over my head. After being released from the
window, they tied me to my bed until dawn…Grainer and the other
two soldiers were taking pictures of everything they did to me. I
don't know if they took a picture of me because they beat me so
bad I lost consciousness after an hour or so…They didn't give us
food for a whole day and night and finally gave us one package of
emergency food.

"Now I will talk about what I saw.
"They brought three prisoners completely naked and they tied them
together with cuffs and they stuck one to other. I saw the
American soldiers hitting them with a football and they were
taking pictures. I saw Grainer punching one of the prisoners right
in his face very hard when he refuse to take off his underwear and
I heard them begging for help. And also the American soldiers told
them to do like homosexuals (f…ing). Also female soldiers were
taking pictures…And they were ordering them to crawl while they
were cuffed together.

"I saw (name deleted) f…ing a kid, his age would be about 15-18
years old. The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the
doors with sheets. Then when I heard the screaming I climbed the
door because on top it wasn't covered and I saw (name deleted),
who was wearing the military uniform putting his penis into the
little kid's arse.

"I couldn't see the face of the kid because his face wasn't in
front of the door. And the female soldier was taking pictures…

"In the cell on the north side and I was right across from it on
the other side. They put the sheets again on the doors. Grainer
and his helper cuffed one prisoner in Room No. 1 and he was an
Iraqi citizen. They tied him to the bed and they were inserting
the phosphoric light in his arse and he was yelling for God's
help. This one prisoner used to get punished a lot because I heard
him screaming and they prohibited us from standing near the door
when they do that.

"That was Ramadan, around 12 midnight when I saw them doing that
to the prisoner and the female soldier taking pictures. I saw them
more than once standing on the water bucket that was upside down
and they were totally naked. And carrying chairs over their heads
standing under the fan of the hallway behind the wooden partition
and also in the shower."

The translated version of this text was signed by Mr. Johnson,
Translator Category II, Titan Corp. and then assigned to the
Prisoner Interview/Interrogation Team of the 1oth Military Police
Battalion of the 3rd Military Police Group. The authenticity of
the text was verified by Mr. Abdelilah Alazadi, Translator
Category II of the Titan Corp.
Regarding the prosecution of lower level military for torture and
abuse, the ACLU recently criticized the Justice Department's double
standard used for torture and abuse crimes.

Legislative Counsel of the ACLU, Christopher E. Anders, said while
lower ranks of the military are being convicted for crimes, upper
level officers, Pentagon officials and CIA agents working along
side the soldiers are being held to a much lower standard.

"Justice should be blind, but it is now clear that enlisted men
and women in a soldier's uniform are being convicted while CIA
agents and civilian contractors who allegedly participated in the
same crimes remain free," said Anders. "The military has already
investigated and prosecuted many of its rank and file members and
yet it seems that the Justice Department is incapable, or
unwilling, to do the same for CIA agents. CIA agents should not be
getting a free pass from the Justice Department.

"What is particularly troubling is that all but one of twenty
referrals of alleged torture by civilians were sent to the U.S.
Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Paul McNulty.
McNulty's team has yet to indict any civilians. In its now typical
system of rewarding top torture officials, the White House has
nominated McNulty to be Deputy Attorney General, the number two
position at the Justice Department. If confirmed, McNulty will
oversee all law enforcement at the Justice Department, directly
supervising the FBI director, the head of the Criminal Division
and all U.S. Attorneys."

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