Friday, February 17, 2006

Graves no help to Echols
Wants to rally behind Echols, but although virtuous it may be, Graves supports Bush's draconian Patriot Act and the use of torture and plenty of other ugly things. Because of people like him I've nearly got arrested because I look like an arab. (For everyone I am Italian and not even muslim.) And he thinks all 'liberals' are 'scum'!

Just look at the groups he's involved with...

And this retard thinks helping out Echols will help his own image. Hmmmph! I see through this sickening 'photo-opportunity'. Someone tell Echols Graves isn't his friend! Graves doesn't care at all... He's just a sellout. Not worthy of anyone who really cares.

I think it's time everyone gives Graves and Prick Losotto of Conservative Punk the middle finger! Fuck 'em...


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