Monday, April 17, 2006

More about David Horowitz's biggest supporters

>Martin Hart, a squat right-wing Jewish astrophysicist who has attended all the American Renaissance conferences since 1996, took umbrage to this, not least because he had only just reassured Hershel Elias, a new initiate to the American Renaissance circuit from Philadelphia, that although the conference was “infiltrated by Nazis and Holocaust deniers” this should not detract from his enjoyment of the gathering. “You fucking Nazi, you’ve disgraced this meeting,” Hart shouted at Duke before storming out of the hall followed by boos and catcalls. As one can tell from a glance at the Stormfront forums Hart appears to have woefully misjudged the audience

Funny enough, from Searchlight:

I'm sure the BNP would not be so popular in England right now if not for Horowitz and the 'neo-conservative' Israel Lobby.,,1755443,00.html?gusrc=rss

I can't believe Horowitz has the gall to try to ban "anti-Israel" professors and yet hook up with Jared Taylor...

>Sarcasm aside the dispute between Duke and Hart highlights the uneasy alliance between the socially conservative “race realists” such as Taylor and Baum, who believe antisemitism detracts from the real task of opposing immigration, and the hardline antisemites gathered around Stormfront for whom antisemitism is the issue. Indeed Stormfront, although generally supportive, regards American Renaissance as a “soft core” organisation, useful because its broader appeal on race and immigration issues enables it to function as “an entry level portal for those still learning the racial basics” and for that reason “it has value”. The verbal fracas and its fallout reveal just how unstable are the foundations upon which Taylor is trying to build his coalition.
Despite this tumult the conference closed on a quiet note as Dickson delivered a eulogy for his fellow CofCC member Dr Sam Francis, a mainstay of previous American Renaissance conferences, who died unexpectedly in February 2005, aged 57. Francis was a prize winning syndicated columnist fired from his editorship of The Washington Times in 1995 because, in the words of one colleague, through his racist diatribes against immigration he had come to “embody the new white bigotry”. It was noticeable that his admirers raised funds at the conference to publish a collection of his writings. Dickson also praised American Renaissance for providing “therapy” and “leadership” which was responsible for “putting whites in touch with their feelings”. And just what were those feelings? Racial hatred albeit expressed from behind the veneer of pseudo-scientific racist scholarship by portly middle-aged men in suits and ties.
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