Saturday, May 27, 2006

Enough politics!

Seems Peter Sotos has made some more Waitress films, included on this link. (Viewer discretion is advised -- explicit and may disturb some people, obviously...)

No, I didn't post this to deliberately offend people. I had a friend from an astrology tribe saying she couldn't get how I felt I should "come to understand" people like terrorists. To "understand" people has nothing to do with condoning what they do.

I intended this blog to be about my industrial noise project and also transgressive writers such as Peter Sotos. (Those who don't know, he is a highly controversial writer I was once pen-pals with long ago, after hearing stories and rumors that made me curious. And his membership in one of my biggest musical inspirations, Whitehouse, pretty much cinched it.) I know it's become political on my blog for far too long, but these are such annoying times I even miss Reagan(!)

Anyways I started a My Space account but have yet to load music into it, which will be soon. This should work! I think this will have more info about my music but will keep Spaghettiman for my take on the other concerns in my life...