Friday, August 17, 2007

Ike Yard

These days I haven't been able to buy records. Not much happening these days anyways. But after Tony Wilson's death I've been digging up various Factory reissues I've had in my collection for years. Also had been on Yahoo trying to find more info on Factory, what went wrong, etc.

I remember when the Ike Yard reissue came out on Acute and had some samples that I thought sounded terrible at the time. But only more recently I heard some longer clips of the band and they sounded alright, despite repeated comparisons to DAF (who I've always hated!) I'd say they're closer to Factrix than that really, or Suicide... So last night I plunked down $12 for the CD. And it looks as though they got back together for a new album(!)

That saying it's probably the last thing Factory-wise I'm getting, as I have all the Factory music I need. After hearing Tunnelvision on My Space. (Yecch!)


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