Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tony Wilson

I know I'm a little late talking about him. But I did have a fondness for early Factory Records stuff. Always had cover art that looked like Modern Art, and the music equally so. But if Factory ended like a dwindling party, then I couldn't stay. (Saying that as I never lived in Manchester England at the time...) Eventually things got dancy-er and Wilson wasted capital on things like the Hacienda and Happy Mondays. But you know all that.

Of course in the 70s and 80s nothing was really happening music-wise except Manchester, London and New York -- as well as other large cities had some good stuff going on. The past two decades have seen punk going mainstream and music with too much treble for it to be listenable. What have we got close to this legacy? Interpol? They may have had one good single or two but otherwise hollow...

Oh well. I imagine if there really is an afterlife Tony is at a bar with Ian Curtis while Billie Holliday is singing and Martin Hannett is at the sound deck...


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