Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bat Chain Puller: HUGE disappoint!

Read this book by Kurt Loder not so long ago. A book that promised much but was just reprints of articles from Rolling Stone everyone's read already. So much for a bitter critique of rock music dating around 1990. Only thing good about it is one essay about jingoism -- gee, things haven't changed, have they?


BTW, doing research on Max Martin, the guy who singlehandedly ruined pop-music. Get aload of his soulless factory-cum-studio site:

Hey Bobby Steele, I just KNOW you read my blog. Maybe you should hire Max Martin as another perverse stunt like you pulled with the Church of Satan and David Peel? But I bet 'cos you're just a flat-broke cripple ya wouldn't have the money, would'ya?